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Terms & Conditions

Contents and the condition of the trip contract depends on a decision document (last itinerary) we hand it before your departure, and to do the following condition, that is mentioned in every each course.

1- The application method of the trip and the approval of contract

  1. The client s fill out the Application from us (History Travel Agency) with all persons named on the application form intending to travel with History Travel Agency. It deals with the application fee as the trip price or cancellation charges or each part of breach of promise charges.
  2. We accept the reservation of the trip contract by the means of communication such as a telephone, mail, fax or E-mail. In this case the trip contract is not concluded at the reservation point in time. We have reckon it from the trip due date of the clients and submit an application and an application fee within 3 days. In addition, a reservation treats us as the thing which there was not when the presentation of the application fee does not do it from a visitor before a pertinence period.
  3. We consent to the conclusion of the contract, and the trip contract with the customers shall be concluded when we accepted an application fee.
  4. On the occasion of participation, the clients need special consideration please report at the time of the application for trip contract. We accept this in a possible range.
  5. The application of the minority needs the agreement of the protecto

2- Payment 

In order to complete your booking, please choose one of the payment options as below. After we receive and process your payment, your confirmation and service voucher (receipt) will be sent to you via e-mail within 48hours. The clients pay 50% of the total amount as first payment.

Send your Payment Online and Secure   
Visa / Master Card


Download the Credit Card Authorization Form
Fax the Form to our Main Office

3- The thing which is included in the trip price

As for the fare, the rate (a limit without the explanatory note, the plane, economy class) of the transport organization that we stated clearly in an itinerary, the hotel bill, the meal charges, the consumption tax and the other expense that we exhibited in particular. Also the insurance is included. (All travelers are required to be designated insurance by TURSAB.) In addition, we do not do the refund even if these miscellaneous expenses use is not used partly by the circumstances of the clients.

4- The thing which is not included in the trip price

The expenses of the personal property such as souvenirs, meals not specified on the itineraries, and the customary tips to drivers and guides, which are left to passengers discretion are not included.

5- Cancellation policy

When we cancel it by the circumstances of the clients after trip contract formation or when there is not payment, and we declined a trip contract by a scheduled fixed date, the trip price has the breach of promise charges of a sum equivalent to cancellation charges in the following rate for one for the trip price.

  1. As for Airplane ticket, we cannot pay back. This cancellation charges will be the amount expect airplane ticket.
  2. When there is repayment (refund) by cancellation after the price settlement, we inform it of the details by an email. We perform the repayment (refund) through the credit card which had you use it at the time of the settlement in 15 days. When it is not given money back please contact it. We investigate it with responsibility in a possible range and report it. 

6- Responsibility for the visitor and an immunity from responsibility matter

When we deal with the observance of a contract of the trip contract and caused damage to a visitor by our intention or a fault, we appoint it for responsibility to compensate for the damage.

7- The responsibility of the customers

When we were damaged by the intention of the customers or a fault, we accept compensation of the damage from a visitor.

8- Changes in your program

We reserves the right to change your current hotels, domestic flights, ferry and bus tickets without notice as some situations are beyond our control. Extra fees and penalties will apply on any fight, hotel, tour or schedule changes made by the clients during touring.

9- Responsibility

We are responsible in making all the arrangements for everything specified in the services and itineraries. All of the carriers, hotels and other services provided in which we bring together in our tours work as independent contractors and are not agents or employees of the company. Nevertheless, all of the service provided bears us and responsibility for quality service, which we provide all of our customers with. All travel documents issued by us, in written paraphernalia or to the customer, are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the laws of Turkey. In case any of the services included in our tour packages cannot be provided at the time of the tour for reasons beyond the control of the company, than we are responsible in providing equally comfortable and interesting alternatives. Any resulting difference resulting from customer’s choice of the altematives, shall be payable by the customer during their stay. Luggage is carried at the owner’s risk and luggage insurance is recommended.

10- A trip condition with a customers hoped for the conclusion of the trip contract by "a communication contract"

We do it without the signature of the member to the slip (we say "member" as follows) which is predetermined than a member of card of the credit card company where we cooperate (we say " tie-up company " as follows), and there are cases to receive a telephone, the application of the trip by the means of communication of fax others in a condition in receiving payment such as the trip price. (we say "a communication contract" as follows)But there is it there are not tie-up company and participation shop contract including the no signature handling special contract or when we cannot accept it for on-the-job reasons. The trip condition by "the communication contract" is different from "the trip condition of the normal trip contract" in a part.
We guide below only a different point.

  1. We say with the day when member and we refund the payment such as the trip price based on a trip contract again with "the card use day" and should carry out a debt.
  2. On the occasion of the application for communication contract, the member has us notify you of member numbers on trip contents, a trip start day.
  3. When we notify you of the effect that we consent to the conclusion of the communication contract by a telephone, fax, an 
    E-mail, the communication contract shall be formed when we emitted the notice.
  4. We do it without a member signature to a predetermined slip by the card of the tie-up company; and of the trip price and cancellation charges receive payment.
  5. When an amount of money that should do refund to a customers concluding a communication contract by the cancellation of a reduction and the trip contract of the trip price produced it, we follow the member agreement of the tie-up company card, and refund does an amount of money for a customer. In this case, we sentence you to "the day when we notified a visitor of a reduction or the effect that we removed" on the card use day.

When payment is not possible by the credit card of the proposal of the member, we remove a communication contract and charge the breach of promise charges of cancellation charges and the same amount of the (5). But it is not this limit when it had payment of the trip price by the strict prohibition by the fixed date when we appoint it separately.

11- Health and conduct

All Clients are expected to satisfy themselves prior to booking that they are fit and able to complete the itinerary of their chosen tour as described in the brochure. Any Clients with pre-existing medical conditions or illness must declare the true nature of such conditions at the time of booking, and make arrangements for the provision of any medication or other treatment which may be required during the tour. Such a client is required to provide a medical statement from a General Practitioner to confirm they are fit to travel. Failure to make such disclosure will constitute a breach of these booking conditions and relieve History Travel Agency from any obligations and liability.

12- Others

It is the responsibility of the Clients to be in possession of a valid passport, visa permits, vaccinations, preventative medicines and other medical certificates and all necessary travel documents. History Travel Agency is not liable for damages arising from changes in regulations or laws to the necessary travel document requirements. Information about these matters is given in good faith by History Travel Agency but without liability.

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