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SPECIAL OFFERS -  *** Istanbul 4  Days 3 Nights Tours Package ***

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Istanbul 4 Days 3 Nights Tours Package

Day 1 - Full Day Byzantineand Ottoman Reilcs Tour ( 3 BEST ISTANBUL REGULAR TOUR PACKAGE...)

08.30 After breakfast gurst will pick up for full day tour of Old City.

Guest will be able to see:
Hippodrome: The former center of sportive and political activities of Constantinople. You will be able to see the Obelisk from Egypt, Serpentine Column from Delphi, Constantine Column and German Fountain.
Blue Mosque: One of the biggest mosques of Istanbul from 17th century architecture is one of the principal adornments on the skyline of Istanbul. Also famous for its blue tiles and 6 minarest.
Hagia Sophia: The magnificent Byzantine Church, Ottoman imperial mosque and proud of Turkey as a museum of all times; one of the finest and largest architectural works of Roman style and famous with its Byzantine mosaics.
Grand Baazar: In addition to its historical importance, it's a bazaar that will tempt even the nonshoppers with its rich collection of precious handmade carpets, jewellery, leather and souvenirs.
Topkapı Palace: The former imperial residence of Great Ottoman Empire was ruled. Four hundreds years 25 Ottoman Sultans ruled the empire from this palace. Today a spectacular museum that has typical examples of Ottoman architecture and the very famous treasury of the Royal Family and nice gardens and magnificent view of the city.
Little Hagia Sophia Mosque: It is one of the most important early Byzantine architectural examples in Istanbul. It built for two local saints Sergius and Bacchus in 6th century with the same style of Hagia Sophia. It has really attractive environment and peaceful especially with the café and small workshops in courtyard.

Turkey Tours Istanbul  Evening programe: You will picked up from you hotel to drop the Orient House and end of the evening you will dropped back to the hotel.
What is included to the cost of evening at the Orient House?
1. Transfer from/to Orient House: 2. Cultural Show and Set Menu Dinner:

Day 2 - Full Day Istanbul Sightseeing and Bosphorus Cruise ( 3 BEST ISTANBUL REGULAR TOUR PACKAGE )

Day 3: Full Day Regular Bosphorus Cruise with Dolamahabçe Dolmabahçe Pace Tour 55 euro per person

Note: I recommend you to join to this regular tour of Istanbul Sightseeing with Bosphorus – Dolmabahçe P.

08.30 After breakfast gurst will pick up for full day tour.
Guest will be able to see:
Cruise in Golden Horn: As a natural and extremely secures harbor, the Golden Horn, the inlet separates the European shore into two. It is approximately 8 km long with nice view of old and new part of the city.
Cruise in Bosphorus: One of the biggest natural channel in the world lying between Black Sea and Sea of Marmara and divided city of Istanbul in two part as Asia and Europe. Both side of the channel there are so many imperial places, mosques, wooden summer houses and magnificent view of Istanbul.
Fortress of Europe or Rumeli Fortress (from sea): Order to built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II in 1452, just one year before he conquered Constantinople. It completed in such a short period, about four months and the aim was to control the sea traffic in Bosphorus from the north.
Pierre Loti Hill: Pierre Loti is the pen name of French author Julien Viaud who lived in Istanbul in late 19th. century. He soon adopted Ottoman life style and very much liked spending time at cafes on the hill. That’s why this hill with nice view of Istanbul call with his name.
City Walls: Defending wall of the city during the Byzantine time from 4th to 15th century. 23 km walls turns around all historical city. However some parts become ruins and some more are restored it is still shown magnificent of Constantinople.
Dolmabahce Palace: Second imperial palace for Ottoman Sultans, built in 1856 and until 1922 last six Ottoman Sultans lived and ruled the Empire from here. It is European style very luxury palace and one of the best examples of baroque style all around the world. It has 260 rooms, 44 ceremonial halls, 25 bathrooms and so many European furniture and decoration. 

Bosphorus Bridge and Camlica Hill: The highest point in Istanbul. At the top of it you can rest and admire the magnificent panorama of Istanbul and the Bosphorus from the beautiful gardens, landscaped in traditional style. 

chisar: Uchisar is a troglodyte town situated right in the middle of Cappadocia. It is named after the enormous piece of rock in the center of the town, which was once used as a castle. This extraordinary rock is the highest peak of the area with the view of whole Cappadocia and Erciyes (Argeus) Mountain. End of the tour you will droped to hotel in Urgup.

Turkey Tours Istanbul  Recommended evening programe: You will picked up from you hotel at 20.00 to drop the Taksim Square, to visit Istiklal Street, it is most visited street of Istanbul
What is included to the cost of evening at the Taksim Square?
1. Transfer with public transportation

Day 3 - Full Day Istanbul Sightseeing and Bosphorus Cruise ( 3 BEST ISTANBUL REGULAR TOUR PACKAGE )

Note: You can do this tour on your own after I explain you how you can do it…

After breakfast you will be picked up for a full day tour Princess Islands:
Leaving the Golden Horn you will round Sarayburnu (Seraglio Point), the headland on which the domes and minarets of Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque can be seen from the sea.
At free time you will have you will have chance to visit Hagios Giorgios Church (Saint George/Aya Yorgi) One of the typical wooden mansions on Büyükada is located on one of two summits of Büyükada. After reaching the central point of the island (known as Birlik Meydanı Square), you should climb a steep cobblestoned path on foot to get there and  you will see the lavish Ottoman mansions and other beautiful Victorian summer villas around the island by horse-drawn carriage tour - one of the islands only means of transport, for motor-vehicles are strictly-prohibited. This a perfect day for relaxing and enjoying one of Istanbul's residents' favorite summer retreats. Return by ferry  to Golden Horn and drop off to hotel by bus or place you want.

Day 4:  Priave Muslims Tour:

You will picked up at 09.00 in the morning to visit:

Sulaymania Mosque and Tomb, Sultan Fatih Mahmet Mosque and Tomb, Lunch in Fatih. Sultan Ayyub Al Ansari Mosque and Tomb, Mina Turka Park, War Museum in Topkapi tour will be finish around 17.00

Private muslims tour will cost with private guide and minibus 320 euro

Turkey Tours Istanbul  Recommended evening programe: You will picked up from you hotel at 20.00 to drop the Taksim Square, to visit Istiklal Street, it is most visited street of Istanbul
What is included to the cost of evening at the Taksim Square?
1. Transfer with public transportation


Day 5: Day tour to Bursa
Note: The new price of reguler Bursa tour not received me yet but I reccommend you to on your oven or I can arrange a private minibus and  tour guide for for a reasonable price. You can go with pablic bus as well.

Day trip to Bursa. It gives you a chance to leave the crowd of the city behind and visit to the old capital of Ottoman Empire, Bursa. The provincial limits of Bursa, a city which has been continuously developing since the day it was founded, now stretch from the skirts of Uludag to the midst of the Bursa plain, to the roads leading to Izmir, Mudanya and Yalova, to the surrounding villages

08.30 Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Bursa via Yalova. During the day visit to Green Mosque and Mausoleum, Covered Silk Bazaar of Bursa, Cable Car to Olympus Mountaion, etc. In the evening return transfer to Istanbul and arrive in around 21:00 back to your hotel


Day 4: Shopping Day  and to Visit Sopping markets (Recommended places are detailed at the below)

Note: You can do this tour on your own and I will explain you it is very easy

Shopping Places:
Eminönü and Galata Bridge: Eminönü is a former district of Istanbul in Turkey, now a neighbourhood of Fatih district. This is the heart of the walled city of Constantine, the focus of a history of incredible richness. Eminönü covers roughly the area on which the ancient Byzantium was built. The Galata Bridge crosses the Golden Horn into Eminönü and the mouth of the Bosphorus opens into the Marmara Sea. And up on the hill stands Topkapı Palace, the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii) and Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya). Thus Eminönü is the main tourist destination in Istanbul. It was a part of the Fatih district until 1928, which covered the whole peninsular area (the old Stamboul) within the roman city walls - that area which was formerly the Byzantine capital Constantinople. Since the resident population of Eminönü is low today, it rejoined the Fatih district in 2009.
Spice Market: There are several documents suggesting the name of the bazaar was first "New Bazaar". The building was endowed to the foundation of the New Mosque, and got its name ("Egyptian Bazaar", Turkish: Mısır Çarşısı) because it was built
with the revenues from Egypt.[1] The word mısır has a double meaning in Turkish: "Egypt" and "maize". This is why sometimes the name is wrongly translated as "Corn Bazaar". The bazaar was (and still is) the center for spice trade in Istanbul, but in the last years more and more shops of other type are replacing the spice shops.
Mahmud Pasha: Mahmutpasha Bazaar, (Turkish: 'Mahmutpaşa Çarşısı') is a shopping street in Istanbul, Turkey. It is located in the area between Grand Bazaar and Eminönü in the Mahmutpaşa neighbourhood of Fatih district. This market area, with copious small shops on both sides of the main street, is a symbol of cheap shopping in Istanbul. The bazaar hosts 256 shops.
Grand Coverd Baazar: The construction of the future Grand Bazaar's core started during the winter of 1455/56, shortly after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople. Sultan Mehmet II had an edifice erected devoted to the trading of textiles.[1][5] In its name, Cevâhir Bedestan (English: Gems Bedesten; but also in Ottoman Turkish: Bezzâzistan-i- cedîd, meaning in English: New Bedesten) the word "Bedesten" is an alteration of the Persian word bezestan (bedesten), derived from bez ("cloth"), and means "bazaar of the cloth sellers

Departure from hotel at 00.00 with  private airport transfer - Price 70 euros for both way from Ataturk Airport

Note: The price and  method above for same as given to the my regular customers and you can eb sure these are most sellected tours.

Warm regards


3. Pro. Tourist Guide:

Special Price for 2 person is 696 €... [ Tour Package for 2 People with Regular, Privat Minimum 4 People ] ....Turkey Tours

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